Loud booms in the night in Orlando Florida

OK, I’m having a WTF moment right now. It’s 9:39 pm Orlando time and four times since 7:30 – now five times, I have heard insanely loud sounds coming from the east. It sounds like several loud beats on a bass drum, followed by a rushing sound, like that of a rocket engine, then nothing for a while, then it starts again. And it’s really, really loud, way louder than a real drum and a rocket. No clue, maybe somebody else has an idea, help me out here.

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3 thoughts on “Loud booms in the night in Orlando Florida

  1. Jeff

    I live in the Avalon park area and just heard a to of loud noises as well. Similar to fireworks in a way but its definitely not fireworks.

  2. Tereasa

    I live in Lakeland fl this past Saturday night Dec 15 2012 we were watching a comedy show at 9:35 we here 3 extremely loud booms thought it was a gun or explosion. We went outside and heard nothing else we really thought we would hear the police nothing happened told my daughter today she told me about other people hearing the same thing in different states so here i am wierd

  3. Seth

    My sister lives in Orlando. Said she just heard the same thing you described. I figured I’d see if there was anything on the news about it. Finding lots of articles online over several years with the same description. I realize this is 2 years after you posted this, but find it odd that the description you have, is identical to what she describes is happening right now.

    “We’ve felt three loud booms in singular sets. One at 7:00, 7:30 and now at 9:50. Starting to wonder what is going on. You can feel the percussion of the wave and rattles the house. No smoke, no sirens…weird.”

    5th boom around 10pm. All her neighbors are outside wondering the same thing

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