Mystery Solved!

The race track in Bithlo is five or six miles from my home. I was hearing these badass jet cars race last night. I can only imagine how loud is was at the track. Would have liked to have been there.

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Loud booms in the night in Orlando Florida

OK, I’m having a WTF moment right now. It’s 9:39 pm Orlando time and four times since 7:30 – now five times, I have heard insanely loud sounds coming from the east. It sounds like several loud beats on a bass drum, followed by a rushing sound, like that of a rocket engine, then nothing for a while, then it starts again. And it’s really, really loud, way louder than a real drum and a rocket. No clue, maybe somebody else has an idea, help me out here.

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It’s that time again!

A short clip of last year’s Christmas light display. I’ll have this years’ up in a week or so……

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all you American heros that have served our great nation, but in particular, to my personal favorite veteran. I love you Dad!

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Time to fire this turd up again….

Well, the idea of a flaming turd is not exactly what I had in mind as the visual I wanted to convey, but you get the idea. I haven’t used the domain or blog in a couple of years, but now that life is a little more settled for me, I can start sharing a few things that I find interesting. I doubt that anyone visits here anymore, but I will still post nonetheless – leave me a comment or two…

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Hello Again!

Just moved again to a new host. I don’t really update the adventures, I just like playing with the website.

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